What does CoImp mean?

Renpro stands for “Renewed Processes” focussed on improvement of and efficiencies with:

  • Quality of Production and Logistics
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Project Management

Who is CoImp?

Renpro was founded in 2006 by Peter Boeters to support and advise companies based on his long-term experience and knowledge of manufacturing, logistics and project management.

CoImp’s objective:

To support companies on their journey to a successful implementation of the required Process Improvements which will ensure the company’s long term goals can achieved. This is based on:

  • Implementation of Creative Solutions (out-of-the-box thinking).
  • Improving (internal) Communications.
  • Acceptance of alternative Solutions and Practices.

CoImp’s method:

  • Agree Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for the company’s success at the outset.
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) based on the CSF’s
  • Communicate the agreed targets reflected in the KPIs.
  • Confirm and implement the improvement strategy based on the CSFs.

What can CoImp do for your company?

Enable a better understanding of your business and support its objectives through:

  • Implementation of your Improvement Strategy
  • To embed New or Changed Procedures in your company together with new Roles and Responsibilities (if any)
  • Project / Programme Management
  • Operational Management replacement (Manufacturing and/or Logistics)
  • To obtain permits and subsidies.
  • Creation of internal reports, dashboards, healthchecks etc. (e.g. company’s performance)